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At Grace Tree we take all precautions to protect your privacy when using our services. Your communications and personal information is safe and secure with Grace Tree. All data is stored on completely secure company servers using state-of-the-art data management safeguards including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocols and a secure firewall. All unauthorized access is strictly prohibited. Like traditional therapy services, client record information is maintained in accordance with professional guidelines, securely stored and kept confidential. Your information is not used in any other manner, and is not shared with any third parties or company. And Grace Tree can provide you with discreet billing services. If requested, our company name would not appear on your credit card statement for confidentiality purposes. Please make sure you request this at the time services are ordered if desired.

Also, keep in mind that you can also help maintain your own privacy. Our e-mail sessions are conducted using a secure password-protected web-mail account which you can safely access at any time and review as often as needed. Many clients find this unlimited access very comforting and therapeutic. This service option is fully protected by Grace Tree’s security system and there’s no need to be concerned about privacy when choosing this service option. However, if secure web-mail service is chosen you retain the right to request that any e-mail sessions be deleted from your private web-mail account at any time. In addition, your web-mail account is deleted upon termination of services and all service contacts are destroyed. In contrast, remember that direct chat sessions are not secure in the same manner due to the nature of using common chat clients where data passes through public servers. And, remember that personal computer use in workplace, and in certain home and school situations, is accessible to others. Any correspondence conducted at work belongs to your employer who also has the right to access your accounts and files and to review any contents. Avoid placing yourself in a position where others will have access to your personal e-mails or any other personal contacts. Be careful about storing service related e-mails and contacts on your personal computer as well, and delete any correspondence and web addresses that you would not want others to view. Be sure to delete your sent files and empty your trash and recycle bins, and erase any chat logs generated when necessary.

In addition, remember that online counselor-client relationships present a unique set of characteristics given the electronic communications used, and we ask that you consider our rights to professional privacy as well. Use of session material outside of the scope of your own personal treatment purposes is prohibited. We respectfully request that you not distribute, share, forward or reprint any session material, or allow anyone to access your personal web-mail service account if using Grace Tree’s secure web-mail services.

Lastly, remember that exceptions to privacy protection do not extend to issues of child abuse and endangerment, homicidal or suicidal behaviors and threats, and in rare cases when client records may be subpoenaed by a court of law. This is governed by most state laws. If you have any additional privacy concerns which have not been addressed here you can always send an e-mail to Grace Tree and we’ll be glad to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. For more information you can click here to read about Maryland Social Work Regulations.

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