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Welcome to Grace Tree Online Counseling Services! At one time or another we all need a little help navigating our way through life, and a trustworthy professional counselor can be extremely beneficial to help illuminate your path. Online counseling and e-therapy is a dynamic and growing field, and searching the Web can bring added stress and confusion when considering your options.

Employing a professional counselor to help you analyze and explore your world is a significant step, and you want to connect with someone you can trust! Grace Tree provides that personal connection through a relationship with a trusted professional via e-mail counseling, direct chat, and telephone counseling services. With Grace Tree you receive professional and personalized e-therapy services in a safe and compassionate environment using the latest in Internet security measures.

      Areas of Specialty Include:

             Depression & Anxiety
             Grief & Loss Issues
             Self-Esteem & Guilt Issues
             Marital & Relationship Issues
             Online Relationships
             Separation & Divorce Recovery
             PTSD & Related Disorders
             Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPD)
             Adults with Disabilities
             Christian Counseling
             Spirituality & Toxic Religion
             Sexual Abuse & Incest
             Sexual Addiction & Offense
             Childhood Trauma & Abuse
             Dysfunctional Family Systems
             12-Step Addiction & Recovery Issues
             Codependency & Adult Children

Consider a mustard seed…though  smaller than all the other seeds upon the soil, when it is sown it becomes the largest of all garden plants so that the birds of the air can perch and rest in its shade.

-The Master Gardener

Mental, emotional and spiritual healing is available! Grace Tree is committed to offering personalized professional treatment services via the Internet and telephone in a secure environment. Grace Tree’s services are affordable, convenient, secure, confidential, and encouraging. All counseling and therapy services are available 7 days a week, 24-hours a day, and Grace Tree uses only the latest techno-security advances to deliver you quality online services. Be sure to check out our entire website to Meet The Counselor, review all the Treatment Services we offer, read our Privacy Agreement, visit our Interactive! page, browse our Helpful Links and more! And, you can always send a free e-mail to Grace Tree to be pre-screened prior to paying for services! We’ll be glad to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.


Recent Feedback About Grace Tree’s Services!

Hi again Ms. Miller,

I feel very comfortable working with you, and it feels so good to "talk" about things finally. I feel like my life is a mess, but I look forward to our next session. Thank you for working with me on this.  

   Carole Miller,

                  Thank you for the consult session. I'll definitely do this again in the                   future as you have helped me a lot. Thanks for the great advice and                    for helping me to see things clearly! 


Dear Ms. Miller:

I feel so much better after our first internet session together. Your insights were really helpful and the tools you gave me to work with helped. I’m starting to make improvements already and I’m looking forward to our next session!

Sincere thanks,

 M.P.  USA      

     Dear Ms. Miller,

            I read and re-read your comments last night. They made me think about
            things that I haven't before.  I'm excited about where this is going.
           Thank you for your help. I'm feeling so much better and I’m even feeling
            better about my marriage already.

                                                                                           Thank you,


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